The approval of your world record title is subject to adherence to the general guidelines. It is essential to comply with these guidelines when attempting the record to make it verifiable. Evidence must be provided in prescribed formats to prove the attempt hence every part of the evidence is essential. Here you will find information about General Guidelines to your Record Attempt, the required Evidence Submission, Record Policies and Terms & Conditions to Record Attempt. Please read and understand these terms carefully before attempting any Of Sports Authority Of United States World Record title

Definition of Record Title 

It provides an exact idea about the record. The description of the type such as individual/pair/group/mass participants/animal, method of measurement and details of the subject etc. provides a clear picture of the proposed record attempt. It will be beneficial for everyone to easily comprehend what the record is all about? An Example of a record definition of the title (Most people celebrating their birthday together). The group of a maximum number of people having the same date of birth, irrespective of different ages celebrating their birthdays together at one location, venue and time. It will be measured by the number of people actively celebrating their birthday in a group.

  • The attempt must take place in a public place or a venue open to public inspection.
  • The event is continuous, the clock does not stop. One minute must mean exactly 60 seconds.
  • Breaks and pause are allowed for participants but the clock must not stop under in any circumstances.
  • Audible and visible, start and finish signal must be used for the participants
  • Two experienced timekeepers, equipped with stopwatches accurate to 0.001 seconds must be present at the event.
  • The presence of two independent witnesses is mandatory.
  • A covering letter elaborately explaining the Name, age, occupation, postal address for future correspondences, date, time, location/venue, witness details miscellaneous and brief description of the record attempt.
  • Witness statements prepared by two independent Witnesses in the prescribed format providing the record measurements, method of measurement, remarks etc. must be furnished, with confirmation of adherence to the guidelines during the record attempt. The Evidence Guide document is a vital document and explains our evidence procedure. Such as who can act as an independent witness? What we count as independent? Etc.

General guidelines

The rules and evidence requirements for all records.

These Guidelines include all general rules and evidence requirements; they are different from the Record specific guidelines. Remember that the guidelines must be shared and read by the participants and others who are involved in the verification process such as the Independent/Specialist witnesses, Timekeepers etc



Sports Authority United States World Records provides you with a checklist of items to help you ensure all items are enclosed before you submit your evidence for review. Please note that you have submitted ALL items provided on your evidence checklist to avoid the risk of delay or rejection of your claim.

  • Apply Form (click here to fill the form)
  • Covering Letter
  • Certificates
  • Biography
  • 2 Witness Statement
  • Video Evidence (Example)
  • Videos trailer (Example)
  • Media evidence (Example) (Second Example)
  • Social Media Link
  • Photographs (Example)
  • Guest Log Book/Visitor Comments
  • Supporting Material Release
  • Steward Witness Statement
  • Time Keeper Statement /Log Book Download Example
  • Identity evidence of Time keeper and witness

Record Specific Guidelines

This list of rules is specifically applicable to your record, which directs you to the proper method and way of your attempt, Does and DON’Ts etc. these rules are utmost important, cannot be ignored and adherence to these guidelines is a prime parameter for approval of your record. Please be aware that there are more rules.

Record Specific Guidelines indicate the specific evidence requirements along with other necessary guidelines for your record attempt on an individual basis, these are in addition to General Guideline’s – common for all record attempts. You will be updated if we will be require special evidences through email.