Workshops are an excellent way to educate, motivate, and inspire action among a specific group of individuals. Each workshop has been carefully crafted to activate quality sport and physical literacy delivery by mobilizing best practices, research, and the experience of our Sport for Life experts and leadership.

For each workshop delivery, Sport for Life will provide the following;

  • Zoom Link (for virtual deliveries)
  • Promotional e-Flyer (if workshop is open to public)
  • Learning Facilitator(s)
  • Presentation Slides (as applicable)
  • Supporting Resources (as applicable)
  • Handouts (as applicable)
  • Activity Equipment (cue cards, cones, balls, agility ladders, etc.)
  • Evaluation Survey
  • Certificate of Achievement (if registered on SPORTS AUTHORITY OF UNITED STATES)

 For each ‘In Person’ workshop delivery, a host is responsible for providing;

  • Venue (including rental costs as applicable)
  • Internet Connection (Wi-Fi)
  • Audio / Visual Equipment (projector, screen and speakers as applicable)
  • Food & Beverage (optional)
  • Sports Authority of United States through its Academic Wings , conducts 2 to 3 day Workshop in Sports Coaching in Summer and Winter every year Worldwide
  • The Development Coach is someone who is starting their professional coaching pathway who already knows methods, techniques, variations and skilled with a great supportive attitude. They can easily adapt to different situations with beginner to intermediate level players.
  • The course aims at more specific knowledge and specific topics of particular sports. The Development coach can be a role model for developing a positive mental attitude.